Adding A New Roof Replacement And Solar Panels To Your Home

November 1, 2021by floridasolarroofers0

Those who have installed solar panels or are planning a roof replacement often wonder how roof replacement and solar panel installation work together. Are you also wondering whether your roof replacement and solar panel installation projects will work together, or will they be worked on as separate ones? Who will undertake the project- roofers or solar installers?

You will find answers to all your questions in this guide.

Should You Install New Roof Before Solar Panels?

When you hire a professional for your Palm Beach house, they will assess your roof first. Then, they will also conduct a roof inspection or ask you when you had it replaced? If you have had roof replacement recently, 1 or 2 years ago, you can install solar panels without a roof replacement. But if you have an older roof, which has a remaining useful life of fewer than 5 years, replacing your roof before solar installation is recommended. It will also save you cost as roofers and solar installers often work together, thus offering a discount on combined services. Plus, you won’t have to incur panel removal costs in the future when you replace your roof after its life.

Which Roofing Material Is Best?

If you want to change your roofing material, you need to consult your roofers. They will assess your roof and determine if you should change your roofing material or keep it the same. In the market, such as asphalt shingles, tiles, wood shingles, metal roofing, etc. But your mounting hardware does not work the same for all roofing materials. Thus, if you have installed solar panels, ask your roofers if the new roofing material will be compatible with mounting hardware. Else, you can invest in both new roofing and new compatible mounting hardware.

Who Will Undertake The Project?

When you consult roofers, they may refer you to a service provider who will install solar panels for you. Several Palm Beach roofers and solar installers collaborate, and they can undertake your project together. The roofers can undertake the roof replacement, while solar installers can complete the installation. Therefore, you should search the internet and find service providers who work together. This way, things will get easier for you and you can also avail of a discount.

What If I Have Solar Panels Installed?

If you already have solar panels installed, they will be removed before roof replacement. However, your roofers may not be tech-savvy to remove the panels. Thus, solar installers will undertake the task and remove the panels. It takes around a day. Once the replacement is complete, your solar installers can reinstall the panels.

Final Thoughts

Roof replacement and solar panel installation become a lot easier if you hire professionals who will work together. Also, it takes less time, and you don’t have to deal with different professionals for different tasks. So, hire a Palm Beach service provider today and go solar.


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