Benefits Of Professionally Cleaned Solar Panels

November 3, 2021by floridasolarroofers0

Solar panels sit on top of your roof. Thus, they accumulate everything that’s out there, such as dirt, dust, leaves, bird droppings, and if you live in a place like Miami or Palm Beach, the seal salt. These different components create a layer of grime which affects the efficiency of your solar system. The layer sits between the panels and sun and hinders sun rays. In turn, it affects power production and your savings.

Thus, cleaning solar panels is essential. Hiring a professional is the best solution. Why? Here are the reasons.


Your solar panel manufacturers mention the warranty condition that proper upkeep and maintenance is essential. However, over time, you may face a problem with your solar system. If the manufacturers or installers find that you are not properly cleaning and maintaining the panels, you may lose your warranty.

Prevention Of Grime Build-Up

It is unavoidable to stop dirt and dust from accumulating, and if you live in a hurricane-prone area like Florida, the debris keep attacking your house and panels. It can cause significant grime build-up over time if not cleaned on time and affect the panels’ performance. While you can’t climb up on the roof frequently for deep cleaning, professionals can.

Energy Efficiency

The efficiency level of properly cleaned and maintained solar panels is greater than those not cleaned on time. Studies have proved it. Using professional cleaning services for regular cleaning increases your solar system efficiency levels up to 30%.

Flat Panels Don’t Wash Themselves

Many people believe that rain will wash away the dirt and grime, but the rain itself contains several kinds of elements that can pile up on your panels. Also, rain can wash away grime to a certain extent on pitched panels, but flat panels still require cleaning. Dirt and dust wash away with rain, but stubborn stains of bird droppings can be hazardous to your panels, especially if not cleaned in time. While removing these stains, you may damage your panels. Professionals have easy solutions to this problem. So, leave solar panel cleaning to them.

Safety And Cost

Your safety is more important than saving a few hundred dollars on panel cleaning service. The solar panels are installed on the roof, and while trying to clean them, you may hurt yourself. Professional cleaners have experience in cleaning these panels at all heights.

Also, these systems are prone to damage if not handled properly. The average cost of solar panel cleaning in Florida is $150. While cleaning the panels, you may damage them. It will cost you much more to get them fixed than the cleaning cost. By hiring professionals, you save money as well as yourself from hurting in the cleaning process.

Final Thoughts

Generally, you should get your panels cleaned every six months. But if you live near an industrial area where dust, smoke, and dirt are in abundance in the air, you can hire a professional more frequently.

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