Why Are Solar Panels Best For Florida Homes?

November 6, 2021by floridasolarroofers0

You must have wondered why everyone has been moving towards solar panel installation on their Florida homes in the past few years. Florida is one of the states where solar panel installations have sped up rapidly, and the costs have come down by 36% in the last five years. Why so?

There are several reasons solar panels are best. Check them out and see if your house is ready for it too.

Florida is the Sunshine State

You may be thinking about all the heat and sweat, but this heat and sunshine have great potential. Florida is called the sunshine state for a reason. The state receives 10% more sunshine when compared to other states. While you are paying heavy electricity bills for ACs blasting all the time to combat the heat, the sun is right there to help you save money. Do you know you can produce 6.17 kW energy per meter per day on your roof? Yes. The sun shines brightly upon Florida. A good six hours of direct sunshine will lighten up your place and will save you money too.

Cost Savings

Another reason why solar panels will be best for your Florida home is savings. It is a great inspiration behind most installations in the state. You currently pay an average of $120 towards the electricity bill, but with solar panels, it drops down by almost 75%. In 20 years, you can save up to $10000- $30000.

Why? Because when you install solar panels, you generate your own electricity. Also, there is a net metering policy in Florida, which means that you can transmit it to the grid if you generate excess solar energy. You get points for it, and these points are utilized to pay your electricity bill if you use any energy from the grid. Ultimately, you save money.

Also, after solar panel installation, you can claim a tax deduction in your Income-tax. The Florida Government also 26% of the solar panel installation cost as a deduction in your IT return. It is an incentive to inspire more people to go solar.

The average solar panel cost per watt is $3 in the US, while in Florida, it is a little more than $2. For a 4kW installation, it is $2.64; for a 6kW installation, it is $2.58, and so on. It is less than the country average, which is a good reason why you should install solar panels now.

Are Solar Panels Worth It?

Reasons why solar panels are best for Florida homes and why they are worth it.

  • You get a tax deduction for their cost. So you can recover installation costs in a few years.
  • You can save on electricity bills by transferring excess energy to the grid.
  • In a few years, your electricity will get free, enhancing your savings even more.

Final Thoughts

After reading this, the idea of installing solar panels on your Florida home must have crossed your mind. In that case, this is the best time to install them as costs are low, incentives are available, and solar panels are a good way to contribute towards energy saving.


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