Here’s What You Need To Know About Solar Energy For Home Owners

November 10, 2021by floridasolarroofers0

Most Florida homeowners are installing solar panels on their roofs. Though you must have heard a lot about solar energy, common knowledge among citizens is still lacking. It’s not as easy as installing a dishwasher in your kitchen, where you can consult any of your friends. It is a bigger project, which is going to sit on top of your head.

Thus, you must know the basics about solar power and how you can install solar panels on your roof. All your basic questions are answered here.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

You must have seen small square-laden solar panels which sit on top of roofs. These squares are photovoltaic cells that absorb the sunshine falling on them and create electric fields. These are electrons that flow from the negative to the positive layer and generate electricity.

But solar panels generate Direct Current (DC), converted to AC for home consumption.

How To Go Solar?

It is not a DIY activity that you can undertake yourself. It requires hiring professionals who assist you on every level and complete the work for you properly. You can search about your local Broward County solar providers on the internet and read their reviews. It will help you in selecting the best professional in your area.

Can I Install Solar Panels On My Roof?

Solar panels work with sunlight. If your roof is not suitable or does not receive proper sunlight, then solar roofing may not be a good idea. A south-facing roof with a slight slope that receives an ample amount of sunlight. But if you have lots of trees around your home, you need to consult your service provider. The first step of installing solar panels is to ascertain whether your roof is suitable or not.

How Much Power Does Solar Roof Generates?

You can take the help of PVWatts by NREL, which estimates energy production and the cost of producing that energy per grid. You can use it to determine the solar energy production estimate for your area. If you have hired a professional, they can also guide you further on this matter.

Does Government Provide Any Assistance For Installing Solar?

The government wants you to install solar panels to reduce energy production using fossil fuels. Thus, you can avail several financial benefits. Federal Housing Administration allows you to add solar energy system cost to the home’s purchase price. Solar loans are also available in the market. You can use them to buy a solar energy system. The installments are small and convenient. You can also avail of a 26% Solar Investment Tax Credit.

Solar leases and Power Purchase Agreements are other financing options available to you.

Do Solar Panels Impact House Value?

Installing solar panels is a renovation of your home. It is an upgrade that makes your home property more valuable in the eyes of prospective buyers. You can realize your investment cost from the buyer willing to pay a premium for a guilt-free power generation system.

Final Thoughts

Climate change is a bigger problem than you can think. It requires every citizen to play an important part in stopping it. You can play yours by installing solar panels on your roof and reducing electricity consumption.


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