Want Solar Panels on Your Roof in Florida?

November 13, 2021by floridasolarroofers0

Solar is the new grid. In the sunshine state of Florida; the houses in palm beach, Miami, and Broward are perfect solar hotspots. The Florida government has taken several initiatives to encourage the residents to set solar panels up in their respective houses, which has placed Florida in the fourth rank as one of the fastest-growing solar states in the country.

How Solar Panels and Solar Energy Works in Florida:

The solar panel is an assembly of photovoltaic cells mounted on the roof of infrastructures to concentrate and generate solar energy to use alongside grid power to generate green energy and to reduce cost. Miami and Broward are among the most potent counties in Florida to generate solar power. The increasing efficiency of solar cells is added bonus for new installations.

Cost of Setting up Solar Panels in Florida:

As of April 2021, the national average of solar panels is $2.85 per watt, which comes down to $2.61 in Florida. An average homeowner is likely to install a 6kW solar system, which brings the cost to $15,660. Which is indeed a lot. But with solar power, you don’t need to bother about recurring investments, fuels, maintenance, and longevity. And with the incentives of up to 26%, the installation costs come down significantly. If you are from Palm Beach, Florida, or Broward, your possibilities of benefiting from Florida Net Metering improve significantly.

What is Florida Net Metering:

Florida Net Metering is a payback system encouraging you to install solar panels. Being the Sunshine State, it’s possible for solar panels to generate more power than you require. That ample power is transferred to the grids, which in turn compensates you by reducing 1kWh off of your electricity bill per 1kWh power exported. With a little calculation and discussion with your vendor, it’s possible to wipe out the electricity bill in most cases.


Your solar panels are likely to pay you back the cost within 6-8 years depending on the climate, size of the panels, output efficiency, power, and much more.

Solar Panel Tax Exemptions in Florida:

Yes; solar panels are tax exempted from property and sales tax in the state of Florida. The sales tax saves almost 6% of the cost of solar panel installations. Better if you are a resident of Miami, Palm Beach, or Broward – reap the benefits of Net Meeting with tax exemptions. In Florida, with tax exemptions, the cost of solar panels comes down to $11,660 from $15,660.

Having solar panels installed is a huge plus in the real estate market.

Is it Safe and Legal to Install Solar Panels in Florida?

The companies manufacturing solar panels test their products in extreme weather conditions including Hail storms and Hurricane-like wind. It’s unlikely that the solar panels will add to the danger of Hurricanes.

While it’s completely legal to use solar panels in normal conditions, but during an outage, if you keep sending power back to grids, repairing becomes hazardous. Benefiting from Net Metering is illegal in case of an outage.


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